Welcome to my website of my books (and experiences with the self-publishing process). The following are my three self-published books. These are all available on Amazon.com:

Mid-Life Folks Ebook Cover (June 2015)1) “Mid-Life Folks, Age Discrimination, and Unemployment: An Emerging Public Health Issue” (publication date: 2015; e-book format only). This book addresses issues facing “Baby Boomers”, including health problems, economic concerns, employment issues, housing issues, behavioral health issues, and age discrimination and legal issues. Approximately 37 pages; contains 92 citations from primarily academic and governmental sources. [ISBN # 978-0-9904190-0-6; ASIN: B00YZ4UT5I]

2) “Burned Out on Belt-Tightening? (Living Well on Less)” (publication date: 2014; e-book format only). This “self-help” guide offers tips on how to save money on common activities of daily living. Among the diverse topics included are housing, transportation, clothes, food, travel, leisure activities, and employment. Approximately 40 pages. [ISBN # 978-0-9904190-1-3; ASIN: B00KH707VS]

3) “The Courage of Outliers” is a mystery short story collection (publication date: 2013). It features ethnically-diverse lesbian sleuths and LGBT characters who grapple with their “outsider” status in society and personal relationships with family, intimate partners, and offspring while solving crimes. 155 pages in paperback. [ISBN # 978-1-300-81832-8]

Note: Besides availability in paperback via Amazon.com, the paperback and e-book formats of “The Courage of Outliers“ can be purchased directly from Lulu.com (www.lulu.com) at the links below:

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I am also a ghostwriter of numerous e-books for clients via the platform called Elance.com (legally transforming in 2015 into Upwork.com)!

You are very welcome to review my books on Amazon and Goodreads, and also to participate in the “self-publishing forum” by clicking on the related page within this WordPress website. The self-publishing arena is constantly transitioning, and your experiences and insights may be helpful to someone else engaged in this process!LizHead1

Elizabeth Samit